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Q :1.)  What do you do?
A: We are the manufacturer,so we can supply you high-quality  Plush Stuffed Toys with best prices and service.

Q: 2.) How do we determine the price of each custom made plush toy?
A:This is dependent on the complexity of the artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon provided; and the estimated time required to source fabric and materials required to make your soft toy or plush toy. 

Q:3.) Can I have my company name or logo on my custom plush?
A: Yes. We can add your logo on your plush toys in various ways. We can make your logo on the t-shirt/belly/feet of your toy by silk screening or embroidery. 

Q:4.)What kind of materials are used to make each plush toy?
A: Our experienced design group will determine what kinds of different fabric and materials that are required to match your artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon.  We take extreme care to use only the highest quality materials possible for each soft toy, and we have a comprehensive quality assurance process that is carried out after completion of each soft toy.  Each softie is stuffed with hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill. 

Q:5.)Can I choose what kind of materials are used to make my plush toy?
A: Yes,you can,Generally, our softie makers will choose individual fabric and materials to match the colour and design of your character or object. 

Q:6.)How long does it take to make my plush toy and samples?
A: We generally require a minimum of three working weeks to complete your big order and one week for sample. 

Q:7.)Do you make plush toys for corporate needs, promotional gifts and weddings?
A: Yes we certainly do! We strive to ensure that all of our soft toys and plush toys comply with relevant safety standards.

Q:8.) What do I need to do to get started ?
A: Contact us by mail or phone to get started.
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